Do you have a Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains can be annoying. They can not only skyrocket your water bill  but they can also completely affect your entire plumbing system. The chances are that you have experienced a clogged drain in your own home, whether it is in your kitchen sink, shower or bathtub. However, it is as easy as dialling (647) 697-9639 to contact our team at Westmount Plumbers for all of your clogged drain needs. Subsequently, we will put our priority on unclogging your drain, regardless of what it takes.

Is your drain working properly?

What causes a clogged drain?

The most common things that can clog your drain are food, grease, oil and hair. All of these things do not break down as easily as other substances and therefore they can build up in your pipes and clog your drain.

Some of the more severe causes of a clogged drain (e.g. sewage backup) include:

  • Sewer Line Clog 
    • E.g. materials such as hair and paper can clog your sewer line
  • Tree Roots 
    • Tree roots could grow into your sewer line and this can damage your sewer pipes
  • Broken sewer line
    • E.g. water and sewage is backing up into your home

What are the potential warning signs of a clogged drain?:

  • Your drain is slow
  • There is sewage backup in your pipes
  • There is drainage around your sewer clean out

If any of these apply to you, call in an experienced plumbing professional at (647) 697-9639 so that our team will be able to create a lasting repair for your clogged drain.

Refer to the warning signs to recognize if you have a clogged drain.

How can I unclog my drain?

Here are some simple solutions so that you can try to unclog your drain:

  • A plunger
    • A plunger is most effective on food and any other objects stuck in the pipe underneath your sink
  • A long wire hook
    • A long wire hook is effective to unclog drain with hair or smaller objects
    • For use, insert the hook into the drain and try to retrieve any debris that is unclogging the drain
  • Liquid detergent/salt and hot water
    • This method works best on slow-draining kitchen sinks
    • All you need to do is mix your dish soap or salt with a large bowl of water (up to a litre) and run it down the drain. As a result, this can remove any debris built up in the pipes.
    • Biological Enzyme Cleaner
      • Works best on grease, hair and soap 
      • Follow the directions that are given on the package, the cleaner should dissolve the debris and unclog the drain

  • If none of these methods work, the nature of your clogged drain is likely more severe. If this is the case, alternatively you should:
    • Try to limit using your plumbing system as much as possible
    • Shut off your main water to prevent the sewage backup from worsening
    • Call an emergency plumber at (647) 697-9639 and after that, we will find a solution that is best for your clogged drain.

To prevent a clogged drain the future you can:

  • To prevent a clogged drain in the future you can:
    • Avoid putting fats, oil or grease down your drain or garbage disposal
    • Put a guard over your drain to collect strong substances before it goes down the drain
    • Pour salt and hot water or vinegar over your drains weekly 
    • Make sure to dispose food waste and peels into the trash
    • Make sure to do all of these steps so that you can avoid clogging your drain in the future

As a result of these steps, your drain is less likely to become clogged in the future.

Regardless of the clogged drain issue that your home may have, no job is too big or too small for our team at Westmount Plumbers!